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ElectroSage 8 by IGIÁ TV Price:$47.95 Sale Price:$37.95

ElectroSage 8 by IGIÁ

ElectroSage The Mobile Machine for busy people!

At last there’s an effortless way to massage your muscles. Use it for a few minutes a day when you don't have time for a workout. It will become part of your daily routine.

ElectroSage Maximum Benefit-Minimum Effort
It's so simple! Attach the belt holding the small battery-operated unit around your waist,
Biceps / Arms
place the pads on the muscles to be massaged and turn it on. Just sit back, relax and watch those muscles massage.

Or you can walk the dog, watch TV or do whatever you choose. Every workout feels great. You'll feel a massaging, pulsing sensation - and you can adjust the control intensity and contraction time to make your workout completely comfortable. So you'll feel relaxed, refreshed, revitalized and pampered.

This portable unit is priced for affordable home use. IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE. The ElectroSage 8 System includes a comprehensive instruction manual detailing how to target areas for maximum immediate results. The ElectroSage 8 System helps to shape and massage muscles and is a great addition to your workouts.

The IGIÁ ElectroSage 8 is specially designed for people who want to look their best, the ElectroSage 8 comes with a total of 8 Pads - 4 smaller pads for massaging facial muscles and 4 larger pads for massaging targeted areas of the body

  • Battery operated
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Designed for use by women and men
  • Use it on you Abs, Buttocks, Thighs, Legs, Back and Face
Ab / Muscles
GIÁ ElectroSage 8 offer Includes:
  • IGIÁ ElectroSage 8
  • 4 control dials / intensity indicators
  • Instruction manual
  • 8 replaceable self-adhesive massaging pads for body and face
  • 9-Volt Battery

If you have any of the following conditions you should not use this product: Heart disorder or pregnancy. People with pacemakers should not use this product.
Pads should not be placed on sensitive parts of the body .

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ElectroSage 8 by IGIÁ
TV Price:$47.95
Sale Price:$37.95