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Ion Aire Dryer Ultra by IGIA TV Price:$37.95 Sale Price:$27.95

Ion Aire Dryer Ultra by IGIA

Ion Hair Dryer IGIA Ion Aire Dryer Ultra. New advanced technology ion therapy dries hair while conditioning! Speed your Hair Drying with the Ion Aire Dryer™ Ultra!

Ion Hair Dryer Utilizes ion therapy to dry your hair with half the heat and in half the time restores, fortifies and beautifies the hair from the inside out. Ion therapy hair care utilizes the science of ions to restore, fortify and beautify the hair from the inside out. Ionizing hair dryer decreases needed drying time of your hair up to 50%.

Ion-Aire Ultra Dryer™ utilizes only 875 watts. Less wattage means less heat damage and burning to your hair. Ionizing hair dryer moisturizes and nourishes your hair as you style. Finished results leaves hair more healthy, shiny and manageable.

IGIÁ Ion Aire Dryer Ultra:
• IGIÁ Ion Aire Dryer Ultra
• 875W dual voltage dryer, concentrated for smooth and sleek styling, 3 heat/speed settings, foldable twist-handle for easy storage.

  • Super efficient, low temperature hair dryer
  • Reduces drying time up to 50%
  • No heat damage or burning to your hair
  • Healthy, shiny & more manageable hair
  • Fortifies & beautifies the hair from the inside out

Charge ions delivered with warm air, break down water molecules, which are then easily absorbed by your hair.

1. Hair Shaft Droplet
Changed IONS attack water droplets on hair
2. Splatter Hair Shaft
Water molecules are broken down to 1/50 their normal size
3. Plump Hair Shaft
Moisture is easily absorbed by hair shaft

IGIÁ ION-AIR Ultra is lightweight and the soft rubberized grip is comfortable to hold. Also, three heat/speed settings, and the swiveling handle collapses for easy storage.

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Ion Aire Dryer Ultra by IGIA
TV Price:$37.95
Sale Price:$27.95