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Turbo Tiger TURBOT RT Price: $49.95 Sale Price: $44.95
Turbo Tiger Hand Vacum

Turbo Tiger Hand Vacum

Turbo Tiger Great for quick cleanups!

Tired of those awkward upright vacuum cleaners and the messy bags that accompany them? Then you need the Turbo Tiger handheld vacuum. Use the Turbo Tiger to clean up dirt, dust, and spills in all those hard to reach areas! The large removable dust cup means you never need bags, and the filter is washable, so you can use it over and over again.

At only 3 pounds, this lightweight portable powerhouse works everywhere your upright vacuum can't. Its 600 Watts of power is strong enough to lift up to 75 pounds! This powerful suction is guaranteed to keep the dirt in.

Just Empty, Rinse, and Replace...No Bags Needed

Turbo Tiger Hand Vacum  accessoriesAnother feature of this 3 pound machine is its high-capacity collection container with reusable tri-layer washable filter. This container holds more dirt and dust, allowing you to empty the vacuum less frequently. No bags are ever needed!

yoosave.Com, along with cleaning expert Billy Mays, invite you to "unleash the tiger in your home."

Here are some other useful features:

  • Non-Slip, Wide Carrying Leash
    Makes the already lightweight vacuum even easier to carry, while freeing hands for added flexibility
  • Space Saver
    Enables you to store the vacuum vertically or horizontally
  • Flexible Hose with Universal Attachment Head
    Great for those hard to reach areas. Can be used with all TurboTiger attachments
  • 20 Foot Power Cord
    Lets you move easily from room to room

Whether you're trying to remove tough dirt from countertops, clean tough dirt and stains from the carpet, remove pet hair from furniture, remove jelly beans and pennies from between the couch cushions, or pick up dust from the mini-blinds, the TurboTiger can do the job fast!

You'll also receive the following attachments:

  • Attachment 1: Hard Surface Attachment
    Ideal for countertops, tile, marble, linoleum, hardwood floors, and hard to reach areas
  • Attachment 2: Crevice Brush
    Perfect for small spaces, like the computer keyboard, window frames, and couch cushions
  • Attachment 3: Carpet & Upholstery Attachment
    Great for removing pet hair and tough dirt from carpet, fabrics, and furniture
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Turbo Tiger TURBOT
RT Price: $49.95 Sale Price: $44.95